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Emmerse is a language learning start-up that seamlessly combines reading emails with learning your target language.

How We Work

Here is a breakdown of how Emmerse helps you to learn your target language.


  • Create Dedicated Dictionaries Using a translator for every language
  • This removes hindrances in isolated word translation like homographs
  • We also focus in on and translate first the best words through ordering by most frequently used


  • Our Chrome extension finds the best possible words in each email you receive and translates them in isolation
  • This allows you to be immersed in your target language while reading your emails
  • This adds value like never before to the email reading process


  • Free detailed profile page where you can:
  • Track every word you've unlocked, so you can see the extent to which your vocabulary has grown.
  • Track no. of times each word has been seen, to see it's reinforcement level
  • Level up on our scale of 13 total levels, at which point you'll be proficient in the language. Each level up requires passing a quiz, so you know you've retained the info
Emmerse is a world first way of combining the often mundane task of reading emails with a real world practical application.
Emmerse is a chrome extension which scans your emails (without storing the info, so don't worry it's not like we're reading them) for words which our translators have selected as the best possible words to learn in isolation. These words are then translated, while the rest of your email remains in English. The result is an email you can still comprehend because so few words have been translated, but because so many emails are read every day, you end up learning very quickly.

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Play around and see what you'll receive with Emmerse.

Quiz Yourself We create tailored Quizzes based on the words you've unlocked
Reflect Look back over, and listen to, all the words you've unlocked
Track Progress Easily see total words unlocked, and number of words seen from your profile dashboard
Level Up We've created levels for you, so you can easily see your progress on a scale from beginner to expert
Referral System Fully fledged referral system to receive up to a year free


Emmerse pricing is only kicking in on 15th July, until then, it's on us. Up until the 15th July, we have a referral system running, use it to get Emmerse free for up to a year.

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Our Team

We are a hungry group of individuals determined to make something big happen.